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A few words from our Founder

November 3rd is a big day for the McGill Energy Journal and its mother association the McGill Energy Association. It is after months of great dedication, team work and hard work that we are able to present to you the McGill Energy Journal.

The McGill Energy Journal was born in the midst of the ongoing green energy transition. The world is currently in the process of phasing out coal and transitioning to bridge fuel and eventually from bridge fuel to renewables. Hence, it is of outmost importance that McGill has the energy publication that will raise awareness on the green energy transition, urge people to get involved and to be able to explain the ins and outs of this transition in a way that is less daunting to the public. The McGill Energy Journal is here to do exactly that. We are looking to make the world of energy more approachable for you and to do so through the eyes of Mcgill's brightest.

The McGill Energy Journal started as an idea in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. In January of 2021 the McGill Energy Journal was born on a vision board stuck to the back of my desk in Athens, Greece. Since then we have grown to have an editorial board and executive board that with passion for the energy sector drive our efforts ahead. A group of talented and high skilled individuals who share the same goal: to raise awareness on the ongoing green energy transition and to make the world of energy a little less daunting. Our team is composed of individuals from all different majors granting our journal an interdisciplinary approach when it comes to analyzing energy.

I am truly proud of all the team's hard work and I hope that the McGill Energy Journal becomes the voice of energy for McGillian's for years to come.

Best regards,

Sofia Tryfonopoulou

Editor in Chief & Founder McGill Energy Journal

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