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First Week Breaking News - COP 27

Written By: Elle Eyestone

Edited By: Ada Collins

COP27 began on November 6th, 2022. In his opening remarks, Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell emphasized the need to implement policies that align with the Paris Climate Agreement.[1] He stated that governments, businesses, and infrastructure need to reorient their actions to address climate change.[1] Stiell noted three key lines of action: focus on implementation, improve accountability and transparency, and make progress on mitigation, adaptation, finance, loss and damage.[1]

During the first few days of COP, pressure has been put on wealthy nations, such as the United States and those in the European Union, to compensate developing countries for damages that their emissions have caused.[2] In this case, “damages” and “loss” refer to physical destruction and economic impacts of climate change that have been caused by the global North.[2]

So far, President Emmanuel Macron of France has committed to help developing countries and has urged non-European countries, notably the US, to do so as well.[2] John Kerry, the US climate envoy, has agreed to discuss the possibility of a new climate fund, but the US has not made any commitments yet. Several European countries have since committed to financing for loss and damages.[2]

Additionally, a report entitled “New Insights in Climate Science” was released detailing the dangerous and damaging effects that raising coastlines will cause.[3] The scientists from the report also explain that continued dependence on fossil fuels will exacerbate food and energy insecurities.[3] Stiell emphasized that scientific adaptation alone cannot defend against these extreme effects, and we must focus on mitigation in addition to adaptation.[3]



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