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What is Climate Change?

Written By: Maya Ardon

Edited by: Vanessa Lu Langley

"Climate change is a permanent and noticeable change in temperature and weather on Earth accelerated by human activity and affecting human life the most."

After more than a century and a half, human activities such as rapid industrialization and large-scale deforestation and agriculture have amplified the level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, accelerating the effect of climate change (United Nations). Essentially, climate change is characterized by long-term variations in temperature and weather, as well as the alteration of biogeophysical processes on Earth. However, without understanding the impacts of human disturbances on climate change, we cannot understand the global climate crisis that has been brought about by greenhouse gas emissions. Anthropogenic contributions, such as the burning of fossil fuels, are currently the main drivers of climate change. The effects of climate change are vast, wide-ranging, and interconnected, including physical implications on the Earth’s processes and social implications on human life and well-being.


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